The promotion of voluntarisms in Nicaragua is one of our main aim, not only in order to back a different way of getting in touch with a new country, but also because we want people to directly immerse themselves into Nicaraguan culture and society, as a way of personal growth and of creating meaningful changes between people coming from different backgrounds.

All our offers have been planned with our local partners you will be working with and we offer you a professional team that will help you to choose the project that most suits you.

Once here, we will show you the city, its most important places you have to know to live here comfortably and we will have a one day session about Nicaraguan culture, “rules” and your project. A welcome party is also planned if you come in a group!

When your volunteering experience is over, we will also have a closing session to analyze together, share your work and have a goodbye party.

As a responsible travel agency, we want our activity to generate a positive impact in Nicaraguan society and economy. And voluntarism is without doubts, something we cannot forget.

2 weeks is the minimum stay and the maximum… it does not exist!

Each project has its own rules and established period in order to be sure that you will enjoy volunteering and your work will be useful for our partner.

If you only have a short period of time, you will take part to single activities, such as beach cleaning, reforestation, creativity workshops, and much more; while if you can stay longer you will have the chance to work inside a local organization, sharing their daily works and helping them with your personal experience.

Your participation is always important and unique and with just few time you can make the difference. We are sure that you will learn more than what you will teach; and this is exactly the treasure you will bring back home and never forget.

Everyone open-minded and ready to dedicate a part of his life to a volunteer experience is welcome to participate.

We especially address:

  • Groups of young students from 18 years old.
  • University students who want to make their final research or to put into practice their knowledge: psychologists, social workers, engineers, teachers, artists…. We will help you to develop your personal project inside a local organization.
  • Families who want to share a difference experience with their children.

We mainly focus on the following areas:


FISHERMEN COMMUNITY SALINAS GRANDES: Help us to reforest the Isla Juan Venado Natural Reserve’s mangrove swamp, planting seeds and helping to build and take care of the communitarian garden center and take part to cleaning beaches activities and to the construction of recycled trash cans. (Minimum 1 day-maximum 4 days. Site: 1 hour far from León).

In Salinas Grandes community, you can build a shelter for marine turtles using local materials and techniques and you can help us to create touristic information (brochures and pannels) about Paslama turtles and Juan Venado Natural Reserve.

LEÓN BOTANIC GARDEN: This is project was created by the University in León in order to strength environmental culture and to protect centroamerican dry forest. (Minimum 1 day-maximum 6 days. Stay: in León).

SONATI NGO in León, environmental organization based on volunteers. The available activities depend on the period of the year and focus on environmental education for children and teenagers (minimum 3 months) and recycling (minimum 1 day).

CAREY NGO: it works in Padre Ramos estuario to protect marine turtles. If you take part in this project, you will patrol beaches looking for turtle eggs, reforesting mangrove forests and much more!


LAS TÍAS FOUNDATION in León, where you can help children coming from a difficult context to do their homework, organizing different kind of workshops, playing music and much more.

CASONA COMUNAL TANGARÁ: extra school activities with children coming from difficult contexts.

PEA (Enviromental education project): working with kids and teenagers in Las Peñitas (20 km far from León) about environmental education,  working as touristic guide in Juan Venado Reserve, extra school activities and English classes.

  • ART

CULTURAL HOUSE in León, where you can give different kind of classes: music, painting, drawing, dancing, English, and much more. (Minimum stay 1 month).

CHISCHIL PROJECT: communicating through art is better! For us it is very important that you can share time playing with local children and teenagers, as we think that game is a strong learning tool which helps to create strong and long-lasting relationships and friendships, as well as being a perfect way of knowing “the other” spontaneously.

Through the game, we will deal with very important subjects, such as environmental protection, recycling, gender issues and mucho more.

That’s why we are looking for people interested in collaborating in the organization of dynamic workshops which will join volunteers with local people into a shared learning process. (Minimum 2 weeks).

VASTU PROJECT: create useful objets by recycled materials and trash in rural communities in León department! The creative process will be followed by a reflection about the importance of taking care of our environment and the problem of trash production. (Minimum stay: 3 days).


If you are a doctor, a nurse or physiotherapist you can work in a health center or in the old people house in León. (Minimum stay: 4 weeks).


We work directly with several communities which manage rural tourism proposals and you can help us to improve their services.

You can collaborate with UCA MIRAFLOR, in Estelí (north of Nicaragua), UCA TIERRA y AGUA (close to Granada, south of Nicaragua) or LA GARNACHA COMMUNITY, and choose among a great variety of activities according to your profile: teaching English, garbage collection, institutional workshops with the members of the cooperatives, training local guides, improving touristic services and facilities, and much more!

Or you can only live with a local family and learn how rural life is by taking part to daily activities: cooking tortillas, cultivating vegetables and coffee, taking care of the cattle, etc.(Minimum stay: 3 days). Feel free to make your proposal and we will help you!


Mosaico project is a German NGO which has its operational headquarter in Granada, Nicaragua and which has been promoting voluntarism, local organization strengthen and net-construction since 1998. Its work focuses on education and social work, gender issues and environment.

We back their project: A DAY VOLUNTEER which is perfect for those people who are organizing their trip to Nicaragua and want to know Granada’s other face, by taking part to a short activity which is part of a wider environmental program. It is especially recommended for students and families. (From 1 to 6 days, in Granada).

We are very glad to receive new ideas and we are waiting for you! We will do our best to make your idea real and to give you an unforgivable experience.

Spanish level depends on the kind of project you want to collaborate with. By the way, if you can communicate in Spanish, your experience will be much richer and gratifying. That’s why we have organized some stays which combine spanish classes and volunteering.

Our proposals can be modified and adapted to your needs . You just have to write us!

Regarding the stay, you can choose among home stay (with three meals included) or an hostel, where you can cook your own food in a shared kitchen.

If you want to have a log volunteer experience, we can help you to find a cheap room or house.

We can organize your free time to make you know the best places in Nicaragua. Just have a look at our proposals SPANISH AND VOLUNTEERING and our DESTINATIONS to have an idea of what you can’t miss.

In order to sign up for one of our volunteer programs, you have to write us an email in advance in order to be able to organize your stay together.

It is important to know that part of what you will pay will directly back our partners’ activities and that volunteering does not have any cost. Your fee is used to pay your stay, activities and your tutor.