• 10 km far from Granada city, Mombacho volcano, 1345 meters high, is one of the 21 Nicaraguan volcanoes and is part of the 452 volcanoes which form the “Pacific Fire Belt”, the most active area in the world.
    This volcano has been inactive for 20 million and its last explosion gave birth to Granada Isletas (small islands around Granada).
    Thanks to its cloud forest it preserves a great variety of vegetable and animal species, some of them unique in the world, such as the case of the Salamander.
    It also hosts species in danger of extinction, like the puma and the ocelot, also known as the small jaguar. For this reason Mombacho is a real living museum for wild life preservation. It was declared Natural Reserve in 1983.
    It has 4 craters, all covered by virgin forests, and three different paths to explore the area. It also has 6444 hectares where several rural communities live, cultivating basic seeds, vegetables, fruits and above all organic coffee.
    This legendary place is surrounded by mysteries and legends which create a sacred energy: it is told that the clear water which spread from the underground have the power of healing the spirit. If an hunter wounds an animal in Mombacho, you will never find the tracks and if someone steals a plant, he will never find the way back home.
    • While driving up to the volcano in a 4×4 car you will pass by coffee plantations and a huge cloud forest (the path is very steep).
    • Once on the top (1200 meters) you will visit the Reserve’s Information Centre, where you will learn a lot about local flora and fauna.

    You can choose among 4 different path to explore the area:

    • Crater path: it takes around 1,30 hour and it is quite easy. You will observe the different volcano’s ecosystems.
    • Puma paths; it takes around 4 hours and it is a bit more difficult than the first one, as it is a challenging climbing that will allow you to enjoy the different kinds of forests and a great landscape. (If you are interested in this path, please let us know in advance as you have to do it with a local guide).
    • The coffee path: it is a 30 minutes walk, perfect for bird watching!
    • The small tiger path: it takes around 2,30 hours and it is difficult, as it takes you up to 12400 meters and to the two best views points. You will enjoy a great view of the main crater which collapsed under a landslide in 1570.

    Trekking Time:

    • Crater path: 1,30 h.
    • Puma path: 4 h.
    • Tigrillo path: 2,30 – 3h.


    • Crater path: Easy.
    • Puma path: Hard.
    • Tigrillo path: Hard.

    Camping: You cannot camping, but you can sleep in rooms of the interpretation center, on the top of the volcano!

  • Prices depend on the number of people and the chosen itinerary.