• Do you love trekking and you are eagle to discover Nicaraguan volcanic chain?

    If you take part to this tour, you will climb Nicaraguan main volcanoes passing by the fire chain: San Cristobal, Telica, the volcanic complex Pilas el Hoyo and the most difficult one: the Momotombo!

    Are you ready?

  • MODULE 1

    Day 1:

    • Pick up at Managua airport and travel to León. Presentation of the tour and free afternoon in the beach.
    • Night in León at San Juan de León hotel.

    Day 2: Trekking San Cristóbal volcano + camping in Telica volcano

    • You will climb San Cristobal Volcano in the morning (from 4 to 6 hours to get to the crater). Once on the top you will enjoy one of the best views!
    • Once back we will pick you up and bring to Telica Volcano, that you will climb starting from a place called Cristo Rey. From here, it takes just one hour to get to the crater, where you will appreciate the lava inside this active crater.
    • Camping close to the crater in the camping area.

    Day 3:

    • You will go down Telica volcano in the morning up to a place called San Jacinto, where you can see gases coming out from the floor.
    • Here we will pick you up and we will bring you to Cerro Negro volcano. This is an easy trek: less than hour to go up and you can go down doing volcano-boarding! (No previous experience required. Just follow our guide’s instruction).
    • You will camp on the base of Cerro Negro volcano.


    MODULE 2

    Day 4:

    • Trekking by Pilas el Hoyo volcanic complex. You will start from Cerro Negro and arrive at Asososca Lagoon, passing by El Hoyo volcano! It takes 6-7 hours and it is medium-high level. You will pass by green paths and enjoy great views!
    • You will camp close to El Hoyo Volcano.

    Day 5:

    • You will walk from el Hoyo to Asososca lagoon, where you can have a fresh bath and you will have lunch.
    • After lunch we will pick you and bring you by car up to Momotombo Volcano. You will camp in its base.

    Day 6:

    • Momotombo trekking. It is hard and it takes from 4 to 6 hours. Once on the top you will enjoy a great view of Nicaraguan lake and of the volcanic chain! You will be able to see up to Ometepe island!
    • After this hard trek, we will pick you up and bring to León to rest!
    • This tour has another option: the second day you can start trekking from Telica Volcano instead that from San Cristobal. In this way you will miss San Cristobal, but you will do a larger trek in Telica. It’s up to you!
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    • Private transport.
    • Stay in León with breakfast and tends during the trekking
    • water and snacks during the trekking.
    • Local guide.
    • 20 $ extra per day for 3 meals per day.
    • All the listed trekkings.
    • t-shirt from El Perezoso.
    • International flight
    • Custom fee (10 $)
    • Food during the first day and dinner of the last day in León.
    • Personal expenses
    • Extra activities.
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