• Thought to be the best preserved natural reserve in all Nicaragua, this huge humid tropical forest has an area of 3180 km² and it is located in the south-west corner of the country, bordering San Juan river, in the South Atlantic Region and in Río San Juan Department. It is the habitat of a great variety of fauna, among which some unique species and some in way of extinction, as the tapir, the puma, the jaguar and the anteater. A great variety of birds is also possible to be watch, such as Montezuma Oriol (psarocolius montezuma), toucans and the ara macao, ara ambiguus, ara militaris. The reserve is also very interesting from a ethnographic point of view, as here lives the Rama indigenous population since much before Spanish conquer. You will have the chance of knowing their habits, customs and millenary traditions, as they will be our guide through the forest.

    THE RUTE TO THE RESERVE: This great trip by river starts in San Carlos, where we will take a boat up to San Juan del Norte town along,  San Juan River, which is the border with Costa Rica. Before arriving at the entry of the reserve, we will stop at El Castillo, famous for its Fortress, called “de la Inmaculada”, and at Refugio Bartola, a wonderful natural reserve.

    We directly work with local indigenous population, the Ramas, who has been living in the river-side for generations. They protect and live in harmony with the forest and they are who best know the Reserve and its secrets. Adonis and Edgard, our guides, live in San Juan del Norte and are committed with nature conservation, taking part to the development of a local Rama Government.

  • Day 1: Travelling by car to San Carlos and sleeping here to rest.

    Day 2: You will take a slow boat up to El Castillo, where you will visit its Fortress and chocolate industry. After lunch we will move to Refugio Bartola, where you will spend the night.

    Day 3: All the day in Refugio Bartola: trekking in the reserve, swimming and relaxing.

     Day 4: You will take a boat up to San Juan del Norte, where you will spend the night.

    Day 5: You will enter Indio Maiz Reserve by boat, you will trek into the Reserve and sleep in the Rama community house.

    Day 6: Trekking by the reserve and visit of the basaltic formations. You will also have a night tour.

    Day 7: Back to San Juan del Norte, passing by Manaties lagoon. Night at San Juan del Norte.

    Day 8: Back to Managua by plane from San Juan del Norte.

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    Extra for individual room: 70 $

    • Private transport by car to San Carlos.
    • Boat up to the reserve and return.
    • Entry ticket to the Reserve.
    • Flight San Juan del Norte-Managua
    • Local guides.
    • Food during the days into Indio Maíz Reserve and Refugio Bartola.
    • Detailed activities.
    • Hotels with breakfast in San Carlos, El Castillo, San Juan del Norte and community house in the Reserve.

    • It does not include food in San Carlos, El Castillo and San Juan del Norte.

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