If you join this 5 days/4 nights tour, you will visit Northern Nicaraguan best natural reserves. You will go to the Indigenous community El Chile, close to Matagalpa, where you will learn about traditional looms and handcrafts and you will discover Bosawás Natural Reserve, with its flora and fauna. Finally you will visit Miraflor Reserve by the end of a local cooperative and have a bath at Somoto Canyon.

  • Day 1

    • 6.30 a.m. leaving from León to El Chile indigenous community (Matagalpa).
    • 9,30 a.m., visiting “Telares de Nicaragua”, traditional looms managed by El Chile women cooperative.
    • 10,30 a.m., walk around the community up to El Chile ill and its top (easy level, 2 hours approximately).
    • 1 p.m., typical lunch in one of women cooperative member’s house.
    • 3 p.m., leaving from El Chile to Bosawás Reserve and arrival around 5.
    • Welcome in the Nature interpretation centre (CEN) and projects presentations.
    • 6 p.m., rest and dinner.

    Days 2 y 3

    Visiting the Reserve: 5 paths of different levels and duration; rappelling; bird watching and above all enjoying the great fauna and flora bio-diversity

    Day 4

    • 7 a.m. leaving from Bosawás to UCA-MIRAFLOR community and arrival at 1 p.m.
    • In the afternoon you will know Miraflor Natural Reserve, doing one of the many activities that they organize: organic coffee production, horse-riding, walk by viewpoints, waterfalls, tropical forest, cooking traditional food, etc.
    • 7,30 p.m., traditional dinner and rest.

    Day 5

    • 7 a.m. leaving from Miraflor and arrival at Somoto Canyon around 9.30.
    • You will spend all the daylong having fun, doing one of the following activities:

    – Walk along the first part of the river.
    – Short trip with a paddle boat up to the entry of the canyon;
    – Going through the canyon using track tire as floating device.
    – Having a refresh bath in one of the natural pools, listening to the legends and adventures of the canyon told by local guides.

    • 3.30 leaving from Somoto Canyon to León and arrival around 6.30.
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    • Transport in 4X4 car.
    • Entry fee to El Chile Communty ill.
    • Entry fee to Bosawas Reserve.
    • Local guides.
    • Complete lunch and dinner in El Chile community, Bosawas, Miraflor and Somoto canyon.
    • 3 nights in Bosawas Reserve.
    • 1 night in Miraflor.
    • Activities in Bosawas, Miraflor and Somoto.

    Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Take you torch with you and don’t forget sun cream, hat and repellent. If you have a canteen, take it with you because it can be very useful to keep your water fresh, as well as a small backpack to bring your personal belonging during the walks.

    Take a jacket to warm you up in the fresh nights in Miraflor Reserve; for Somoto Canyon don’t forget your swimsuit and an extra t-shirt and trousers to change the wet ones after the tire adventures.