El Perezoso – Responsible Tourism Agency

WHAT DO WE OFFER?  Considering the uniqueness of each traveller, we bring an array of flexible plans and combinations for everyone to find a space for personal exploration:


Eco Tours

Eco-Trips Packs that take from one day to more than one mounth of stay. We have chosen local partners who share our responsible and sustainable vision when searching for our destinations, caring about the environmental and biodiversity protection. Visit our site and take a look to those destinations that draw your attention the most!

Supportive Tourism

Do you want to caollaborate in some volunteering proyect? Live the unforgottable experience to live in the rural comunity reality of Nicaragua and his beautiful people. We can orientate and attend you to realize a trip visiting incredible places where you’ll got the possibility to help a little bit for the development of nicaraguan society.

Coordination and Improvement of Sustainable Tourism Development Projects

Sutainable Tourism Coordination and Networking. As an Agency for Responsible Tourism we position ourselves as promoters and coordinators for development projects and facilities for Sustainable Tourism, more over in rural communities. We are currently in touch and work with NGO´s that search for a possitive impact in Nicaragua´s rural communities.

Do it yourself!

We invite you to choose among the destination you prefer from those offered by this country. We’ll build the itinerary that better fits you! You can coordinate your trip with us, depending on your possibilities and exactly in the way you want it. Is there anything you’d love to do or see that you don’t find it in our website? Just ask and we will coordinate it together with you!


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